The SimSym Amplifier

( Simulated Symmetry )



Gain 27 dB
Input Impedance 4.7 kohm
DC Offset < 20 mV
Output Power (8 ohm load)

100 W

Output Power (4 ohm load)

150 W

Power Supply Rail Voltages +- 50 V
PCB Layers 6
PCB Copper Thickness 70 um
PCB Plating ENIG



R34 and R35 needs some minor adjustments because the maximum quiescent current that can be set is about 30 mA.



The schematic and PCB layout 

The Bill of Materials

Pictures and videos


Price & Availability

The price is for one pcb, no components is included. Having trouble finding the right components? Send an email and I might be able to help you.


$ 50 US / card


8 pcs

For more information send an email to:


Simulation Results